1. Do People Trust Google Ads? Most people trust google ads when searching the web. Over 65% of people trust google ads and will click a business link that uses Google Ads
  2. Should I be using Click-to-Call? Yes you should! Over 70% of the people searching on their smart phones call a business from a google search. This is why you should be using click-to-call features in your Google Ads.
  3. How many people call From Google Ads? Well over 85 million people call each month after viewing a business that uses Google Ads. The real question is why are you not taking advantage of google ads if this many people are calling each month?
  4. How do I find new customers? New customers will find you if you are using Google ads. Most customer are online researching products and services. When they call you they interested in what you have to offer. It’s up to you and your sales staff to close the sale when they do call.
  5. What if a potential customer doesn’t call after viewing my ad? Just because they did not call after viewing your add does not mean they are not still thinking about your companies products and services. They may be doing research for later when they have the money saved to spend. Instead of calling they may rather use email, chat or stop by your store when they are out and about. Close to half of shoppers would rather buy from a company that offers ways to contact them.
  6. What makes web searchers upset or feel frustrated? When you hide a phone number to try and force people into buying using online transactions only. Well over half of customers feel annoyed when there is no one to speak to or answer their questions. Your company may have just lost a big sale or several sales opportunities. Pay per click advertising agencies can help make your customer feel more at ease if they are able to reach you better.
  7. Did you know that search ads deliver more than just clicks and calls? Receiving good return on ads is your number one goal. Google ads can boost your brand awareness by up to just a tad over 80%. Not only are you getting clicks and calls, people are also noticing your name as they scroll for what they are searching for.
  8. Do google ads work in a stay-at-home economy like we are experiencing? YES, now more than ever you should be using Click-to-Call ads for almost every business in these stay-at-home times. Par for click advertising firms can set up and manage your business ads that will deliver the greatest results.
  9. How do I get started using google Ads? Starting a Google Ad advertising campaign can seem like a big undertaking. You are most likely already quite busy with all of your day to work. Like all business owners you are so pressed for time you have no time to spare to learn how to get started with search ads. Sprout Digital can make it so much easier for you to get started. Give us a call today to start getting more calls and business by using Google Ads as well as other online ads. Our pay per click advertising services will grow your ROI and promote more brand awareness of your business, your products and your services.

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