Mobile VS Desktop

Are your customers using their desktops or their smartphones to search for your services? The most recent studies point toward that they are using their mobile devices 10% more this year than last year. Close to 60% of online sales came from mobile devices in 2020. Millennials spend around 4 hours a day on their smartphones. Clearly more people are using their mobile devices to search for products and this trend will continue on into 2021.

A mobile device is always more available because well it’s small and it’s in your pocket or purse. Of course, you’re going to grab what is the closest to you and easiest to start searching on. We all get bored and the very first thing we do now is pull out our mobile device. We search for whatever is on our minds or what our stomachs may be telling us. We search for something we may need to purchase soon, what we have been dreaming about and what sounds good to eat for lunch or dinner.

When designing for smartphones you need to have less copy, smaller images, and fewer calls to action. You need to design your mobile-first website with the most valuable information and images. The navigation of your website should be kept simple keeping the most relevant information your customers search for at the forefront.

You need to address the challenges of the ways people search for your company and adapt those changes to your website designs. This does not mean you should work strictly on updating your mobile web designs.

You need to design your sites with mobile and desktop in parallel while focusing on mobile-first.

Why you should not design strictly for a mobile phone device.

Your website will be viewed on different platforms without a doubt. After a quick product search on a smartphone, users like to turn to their desktops or laptop computers if they are close by to write an email. It’s so much easier to write longer emails, dig deeper into product descriptions and watch videos on desktops, laptops, and even tablets.

During the day we work using a laptop or desktop computers with large monitors. We may switch between different devices during our workday to look things up online. On lunch breaks, we use our mobile devices while out grabbing a bite to eat.

With that being said, know who your customers are and how they search for you then design your website for them. If your customers are at work and will most likely be using their laptops or desktops to find your products, you can create a web design experience that best suits them.

Mobile-first websites can take a little longer to design but any added cost is well with it for your customer’s user experience. Your goal is to give potential customers and clients the easiest user experience possible. This makes it so much easier for them to find the products and services they are searching for when they are ready to make that purchase.

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