Social media marketing has come a long way from its beginning. In the past businesses shared content on social media to reach potential clients and to drive traffic to their websites. Businesses hoped this would result in sales and conversions.

The same principles still apply but now there are tools and resources to help your company and company brand reach a much wider audience. With these new social media tools, you can monitor your social media ads. You can track your audience with analytical tools that can help you pinpoint the clients and customers you are looking for. With these tools in place, you can highly target a certain demographic area, a potential customer’s interests, and their behaviors. This is valuable information you need for branding purposes, and to sell more of your products and services

Social Media Marketing Strategy

What are your business and sales goals? Which social media platforms can help you generate the most business? It really comes down to the simplest of all advertising questions, where can I get the most bang for my buck? This is not always the easiest answer when dealing with social media. Since it’s not an easy answer you need to come up with a strategy to help you find these answers. You need to listen to your potential customers while engaging with them on social media.

Where do your customers and potential customers spend their time on social media?

Which social media platforms can help you generate the most business and brand awareness? There are many social media platforms online for you to advertise on. A few of the most popular right now are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. Each platform has its own unique way for you to advertise and track your audience for new conversions.

Choose Your Favorite Social Media Networks

You don’t have to advertise on all social media networks. A good starting point would be to pick one or a select few to spend your advertising dollars on. Mixing social media into an advertising budget along with the new tracking tools available for you will help you get better returns on your investment. You can track your social media ads to see how they are doing on Google Analytics for free.

Social Media and Search Engine Result Ranking

Social media content and ads can help with your ranking on search engine result pages. If a potential client is looking for a specific product and they come across your company they will most likely search for you to check out your social media pages as well.

Social media platforms give searchers more of a personal feel about your company than your webpage might. They get to see how your customers interact with you and see what they say about your products and services. They will also see how you respond back to your customers to see what your customer services are like.

If your social media page shows up at the top of the results page customers typically might click on that link over your website link. Social media has more of a personal feel about it than a web page does. Social media platforms are a place where people feel comfortable to hang out with friends and like individuals.

Social Media Builds Relationships

What social media does for you personally, it does the same for your business. Social media is about building relationships, finding your audience, sharing ideas, a place for expression, and expressing identity. Social media plays a bigger role in everyone’s everyday life than you would think. It’s a place to have a voice, learn and interact with friends and businesses.

People on social media will talk about your business and brand and the experiences they have had with your products and services. There are tools available for monitoring what people may be saying about your company. Your business needs to engage in social media monitoring. This allows you to connect with your customers, to provide customer support, and to measure how your social media reach is doing.

How Do I Start Advertising on Social Media?

Sprout Digital is here to help you with all your social media and internet marketing needs. Advertising on social media can be a very overwhelming and time-consuming task. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to start. Like most business owners you’re way too busy running your business to spend the time learning all you need to know to do it right yourself. We’ll get you set up with proven social media advertising practices that work great with our clients.

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