What is a CTA

CTA is a Call-To-Action. A call to action is used to prompt a website visitor to take an action on a website. A CTA is mostly written in the form of a command marketers use as a way to make the visitor interact with your website.  This website tool is a method for getting visitors to act immediately with your business.


Benefits of a Call-To-Action 

The main benefit of a call to action is that it is one of the main tools to help you boost conversions from your website. The CTA’s are used to gather leads and to convert those leads and visitors into conversions.

Conversions are what happens when a visitor completes an action on your website. This can be anywhere from signing up for a newsletter to filling out a contact form to purchasing products off of your website. 

Not everyone will purchase from your website immediately. People searching for a product to buy will often research a few websites and look at the reviews people leave before making a final decision on where to purchase. 


Measuring and Analyzing Call-to-Actions

Your conversion rates can be measured and analyzed through CTA’s. Call to Actions tells you a lot about how your products are selling on your website. If your pages are having low views a CTA can help. A & B testing can be used to see how and why some pages and CTA’s work better than others.


Types of CTA’s Websites Use

These are some of the most common types of Call-to-Actions used on websites. These are  CTA’s are used to gather information from your website visitors. 

                • Call Us
                • Contact Us
                • Sign Up for Newsletter
                • Read More
                • Buy Now
                • Gather Client Information 
                • Subscription Signups 
                • Social Media Share Buttons 
                • Online Chat
                • Try-it-now
                • Download Now
                • Web Cart


Where You Use a Call-To-Action 

CTA’s can be used on just about any page on your website. Your CTA’s are best used where you need to meet your company goals. When your visitor fills out a CTA, it’s a chance to get a conversion, conclude a sale, and gain a repeat customer. 

                • Home Page Popups
                • Product Pages
                • Shopping Carts
                • Side Panels 
                • The End of an Article 
                • In Ads
                • Headers
                • Footers


How Important is a Call to Action for Your Website 

A Call-to-Action is and a very essential piece of your website. You want your visitors to have a clear direction to fill out a contact form to purchase your products and services. A CTA needs to be easy to read and easy to fill out so there is no confusion for the visitor. CTA’s will not only increase your business revenue you’ll also be growing a much larger customer base. 


Sprout Digital Would Like to Help You Increase Your Conversion Rates

Would you like to see an increase in conversions and customer engagements while gaining higher profits? Sprout Digital is here to help you meet your business goals. We make it our goal to see that CTA’s will boost the success of your digital advertising.  Give us a call today at 888-217-9502 or use our contact us form. 

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