Each blog content you post gives you the chance to add your industry’s top SEO keywords to your website that search engines are looking for. Placing your industry’s most used keywords in your blog posts greatly improves your search engine results organically. When search engines find you organically you will pay less ad money or PPC (Pay Per Click) money. 


Blogs Drive Valuable Traffic to Your Website


Blogs are a great quick way to drive traffic to your website. Use keywords throughout all areas on your blog post  Links to your blogs from several of your social media avenues will also drive traffic to your business. 

Posting links on your social media pages to information on your website will help your organic SEO ranking as well as help your ROI, Return On Investment. You have the ability to drive customers to your products directly in your blog articles. Original and authoritative content is the best kind of content to use in your blog and social media pages. Search engines love seeing new content posted to your site often.


Optimizing Blog Content for Search Engines 


There are several things you can do to optimize your blog content that search engines will notice. This will help you move up to the coveted first page in the search engine result pages.  We’ve listed a few ways that you can optimize your blog posts for better SEO results. 

  • Target the audience you are looking to reach in each blog you post.
  • Conduct keyword research of the top words used in your industry.
  • Use images, videos, and graphic visuals for certain keywords. 
  • Write a keyword-rich title to your blog that catches both the customer’s eye and the search engines algorithm
  • Write fresh content that shows you as an authority in your business
  • Focus on what will make the reader’s experience informative and enjoyable
  • Use keywords and like keywords throughout your content
  • Add alt text to all of your images within the blog
  • Use keywords in all title tags, headers and body, URL, and meta descriptions
  • Link to related blogs on your website
  • Review your blog content regularly to keep your information up-to-date


SEO Strong Blogs Position You As An Industry Leader


Your competitor’s website may not have blogs and if they do they may not have the best content for search engines to find them. You need to position your business as an industry leader in your field of work. 

By establishing your company as a leading authority in its industry the search engines will rank you higher on the search result pages. Here are a few pieces of SEO advice to consider that will help position yourself and an industry leader. 

  • Come up with a blogging strategy to reach your business goals 
  • Always use strong keywords and like keywords in every blog
  • What is the most valuable information your readers would like to know
  • Show your companies expertise in several specific topics 
  • Get the most unique and relevant information to those who you are targeting 
  • Create strategic content so your investments pay off
  • Keep blogs simple, easy to navigate, and easy to understand 
  • Start thinking in short term in long term goals 
  • Be true to your company brand and value

Blogging is not an easy job, there are many factors to consider when writing a new blog as we have discussed in this article. If you have more questions Sprout Digital can help you with making sure your website is SEO strong with blog writing your readers will want to read. Give us a call today at 360-0735-4472 or send us a message 

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